Hackathon addressing key challenges in science communication

CERN, Geneva  |  13-15 November 2020



During this hackathon, we will tackle important challenges in science communication today, particularly in the context of the physics and technologies relevant to CERN.

Participants will visit underground facilities at CERN, take part in interactive workshops to develop their hacking skills, and build networks with future colleagues, collaborators, and friends. 



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Come to CERN and collaborate with scientists, designers, communicators, tech experts, and prototypers

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Share your expertise with our participants

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Get behind the scenes and help make the hackathon a success

Cascade, Yunchul Kim, 2018 as part of Arts at CERN
Educational Games
Fundamental Science
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Images by © CERN


Given the COVID19 situation, we will update with more details as things become clearer. Please subscribe to our updates so you won't miss our virtual programs prior to the hackathon.


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Geneva, Switzerland

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